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EL MACEDONERO – Oliver Romevski

186.00 MKD



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Publisher: Del Rio Films

Printed: 2010

Language: Macedonian

Author: Oliver Romevski

Drawing: Zoran Tanev-Alapulov-Pixie

Pages: 56

Size: 88,6 MB

Price: 186 den.

The first Macedonian anti-terrorist comic book EL MACEDONERO

Read it at home on your PC, phone, laptop or tablet in a great PDF version.

El Macedonero is a story about the Macedonian Gjorgji Hristov who escapes from the madness of the Yugoslav wars and ends up in the elite Spanish units to fight ETA. Here he becomes the mysterious and dark EL MACEDONERO. After ten years he returns to Macedonia where he finds his family in a completely different situation from the one in which he had left them. He does not know that the most famous terrorist in the world, Gonzalez, is coming to Skopje after him, who must take revenge for what EL MACEDONERO did to one of the most famous terrorist organizations in the world – ETA. Faced with the new situation with his brother and grandmother, EL MACEDONERO meets his best friend Naim and his sister Melina, his first love. But the Albanian mafia is not thrilled with that meeting because Melina has to prostitute for them, and Naim is disabled. At that moment, Gonzalez intervenes …



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