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31,250.00 MKD

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Author: Vladimir Temkov

Material: Acrylic on canvas 

Production: 2020 y.

Price: 31,250.00 mkd

Dimensions: 70 cm х 50 cm


Born in 1959. in Kavadarci. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

Solo exhibitions:

1983- Museum Gallery-Kavadarci

1984- National Library-Ohrid

1987- City Museum-Vukovar, Croatia

1987- House of Culture-Berovo

1988- Amadeus Gallery-Osijek, Croatia

1988- Museum-Gallery-Kavadarci

1989- House of Culture-Bitola

1990- Museum-Negotino

1994- Museum-Gallery-Kavadarci

1997- Youth Cultural Center (YCC)-Kavadarci

1999- Museum-Gallery-Kavadarci

1999- Museum Gallery-Veles

1999- House of Culture-Shtip

2000- House of Culture-Strumica

2000- House of Culture-Radovish

2000- Museum Gallery-Panagjurishte, Bulgaria

2000- Art Salon-Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

2001- Youth Cultural Center (YCC)-Kavadarci

2002- Museum Gallery-Kavadarci

2003- Museum Gallery-Veles

2003- Gallery of Fine Arts-Shtip

2003- House of Culture-Strumica

2004- Hotel ,,Yugo,,-Gevgelija

2005- Art Gallery-Bitola

2006- Museum Gallery-Kavadarci

2008- National Gallery ,,Mala Stanica,,-Skopje

2008- Youth Cultural Center (YCC)-Sofia, Bulgaria

2009- City Gallery, House of Culture ,,Ivan Mazov-Klime,,-Kavadarci

2009- City Museum-Shtip

2009- House of Culture-Kriva Palanka

2009- House of Culture-Kratovo

2010- House of Culture-Resen

2010- House of Culture-Kavadarci (City of Culture-grand opening)

2011- House of Culture-St. Nikole

2011- House of Culture-Probishtip

2011- Macedonian Embassy-Paris, France

2011- City Gallery-Veles

2011- Center for Culture-Kochani

2011- Gallery ,,Apollonia,,-Gevgelija (City of Culture)

2011- Center for Culture ,,Vojdan Chernodrinski,, City Gallery-Prilep

2013- Art project “30 YEARS OF ART WORK OF VLADIMIR TEMKOV” National Gallery ,,Mala Stanica,,-Skopje

2013- Art Salon ,,Magaza,,-Bitola

2013- City Gallery ,,Marko Cepeknov,,-Prilep

2013- City Gallery-Kavadarci

2013- Apollonia Gallery-Gevgelija

2013- House of Culture ,,Mirka Ginova,, Gallery-Demir Kapija

2013- Gallery ,,Amam,, City Museum-Shtip

2013- Gallery MC-New York, USA

2014- House of Culture-Vinica

2014 – House of Culture-St. Nikole

2015- City Gallery, House of Culture ,,Ivan Mazov-Klime,,-Kavadarci

2015- Matica Exclusive-Skopje

2015- Cultural Center ,,Trajko Prokopiev,, – Kumanovo

2015- Museum of the City-Kratovo

2015- Cultural Information Center (KIC)-Skopje

2015- Center for Culture-Gostivar

2016- Cultural Center City Gallery-Prilep

2016- House of Culture-Resen

2016- House of Culture-Ilinden, Skopje

2016- Kastamonu Gallery-Bursa, Izmir, Turkey

2016- Novi Pazar, Serbia

2016- House of Culture, Art Group 5-Kavadarci

2016- Cultural Center, Ohrid Summer-Ohrid

2017-Gallery ,,Magaza,, Art group 5-Bitola

Since 1980. participated in several group exhibitions in Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Turkey, China.

He participated and organized many art colonies in the period between 1981. until 2016 in Kavadarci, Kriva Palanka, Bitola, Krushevo, Radovish, Ohrid, Gevgelija, Valandovo, Veles, Dojran, Probishtip, Berovo, Vevchani, Kichevo, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Albania, etc.

He has realized numerous projects in the field of art and participated in numerous international conferences.




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