Bulgarian – nationality or profession – OLIVER ROMEVSKI

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Title: Bulgarian – nationality or profession

Author: Oliver Romevski

Year of publishing: 2015

Price: 300 denars

Publisher: Ad Verbum

Pages: 140

Language: Macedonian

Info: In 2014, the first and only scientific paper that reveals the phenomenon of Bulgarian passports for Macedonian citizens appeared!

A book that literally scientifically revealed all the moves of the Bulgarian state from a hundred years ago until now, but also all the blockades and demands that the Republic of Bulgaria will set for the Republic of Macedonia.

Answer to thirty-six key questions for the Republic of Macedonia! What is the Bulgarian and what is the Macedonian state strategy?

This book has become a great read for political science students. The book itself contains a specialized anonymous survey conducted with Macedonians holding Bulgarian citizenship. The book completely exposes the entire structure and corrupt procedure, which was a big scandal in 2018, and the author researched and predicted it in 2014 !?



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