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Title: Flowers 4,5,6,7

Author: Zivko Popovski – Cvetin

Material: Acrylic on special hammer

Production: 2021 y.

Price: 1350 denars

Dimensions: 20 cm x 27 cm

Zivko А. Popovski – Cvetin was born in 1944.

He completed his studies in Belgrade, R. Serbia.

Painting has been his great love and obsession since the earliest days.

For the past 35 years, his main motive has been flowers, which with great beauty have grown into a symbol of peace. He is a painter and humanist, who has dedicated almost all of his work in over three decades to flowers and his peace mission, with a basic message: “The world needs: peace, food, solidarity, love …”

Over 55,000 paintings “Flowers of Peace” have been donated so far and are now available in the collections of famous statesmen, politicians, poets, musicians, Nobel laureates, students, artists, athletes and various humanitarian organizations and associations.
So far, Popovski has organized over 300 exhibitions in the country and abroad, including in Poland, Canada, Germany, Romania, USA, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Australia and others.

In 2009, Popovski was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, where out of 205 candidates, he was among the top 5 in the shortlist.

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