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12,000.00 MKD

Sold out!


Title: Into the deep Aurora

Author: Trajce Voinov

Material: Acrylic

Production: 2020 y.

Price:  12,000.00 mkd.

Dimensions: 130 cm х 70 cm.



Art for him was always the escape place. His own solar system. As a child, he was doing fashion illustrations and attending small school painting competitions. Sketches were filling every space in the notebooks during his adolescence. While working abroad in Qatar, and having health issues, Art is becoming his place of comfort and happiness. Finally, being able to afford his long-time dream to have touch with reality, painting is becoming his second home.

Working constantly on improving his skills in 2018, is where things are getting more serious note for Trajce.  Art is becoming him alter ego and after a lot of thinking, in 2020 TRAVO is being born. His own solar system. His Fingerprint. Believing that everything that is surrounding us is having unique DNA of existence, and the importance of being true to its origin he is trying to capture in every energy that has an impact on this world. He wanted to keep his humanitarian side, and with every artwork sold, 10% is going to various organizations, that help improve the life of every breathing thing in need.

Working with different types of mediums oils and acrylics, being inspired by everything he sees, Travo Artworks are being born daily. Abstract art is his primary field of work, but exploring, and allowing as an artist to try new techniques and inspirations. There is no one road to being truthful.

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