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Author: Gordana Vincic

Material: Acrylic  on canvas

Production: 2020 y.

Price: 6000 denars 

Dimensions: 40cm х  30cm

The work is from the cycle “Keepers of Love”. Love is necessary for every living person on earth. Everyday life overwhelms us, so the spin of the urban black hole nullifies love. It becomes a mirage for modern man, unattainable for empty hearts. In ancient times it was believed that clean water, especially rivers and their entities had the power to remove negative energies. With the work I try to represent those entities, beautiful girls who I believe still exist in the invisible world. Keepers of love as ancient entities to remind us why we exist. Together with the fish as a symbol of the human subconscious but also a potential not to forget what is the primary condition of each of us. Pure water is not only essential for our existence but it is also the guardian of the love of our healing.



1998 Graduated from Social Work and Politics at Lund University in Sweden.

After graduating, she is engaged in social work and gains many years of leadership experience in the municipality of the City of Malmö . In several successful projects, Gordana has introduced art as a tool for integrating vulnerable groups into society. With the team they realize over 300 art workshops in Malmö. With the completion of the last project in 2014. Gordana decides to redirect and completely surrender to the unforgettable childish urge to create. A new era begins where art becomes a central part of her life.

She decides in her works to show the sublimity of the female principle. In creation she relies on intuition and affectionately turns ancient cultural heritages, symbols and mythology into a modern form of expression. Her inspiration comes from the inner world of images, colors and visions. Gordana’s works are mystical, filled with nostalgia and surreal symbolism. They stimulate reflection and search for answers. An important incentive is wisdom, a precious potential that we all carry.

Gordana has realized more than 20 solo and 40 group exhibitions, among which one of the most important is the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg in 2015. Exhibits and works in France, Sweden, England, Russia, Serbia, Morocco, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Participates and organizes several international art colonies, group exhibitions, symposiums and events in Europe. Receives the award for the best “Debut comic of the year” 2016. in Macedonia. So far, Vincic has created over 3,000 works of art: drawings, paintings, illustrations, graphics, digital drawings, installations, murals and ready-made sculptures.




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