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Title: Modus Vivendi

Publisher: Darko Bogdanov

Printed: 2011

Language: Macedonian

Author: Darko Bogdanov

Pages: 56

Format: B5

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“Modus Vivendi” is an intimate journey into the subconscious, to the borders where different realities unite, where dream and reality intertwine, a sublime of different influences and experiences, to the very core of art, desires, fears, darkness and light of the nameless hero, who can be any one of us. Intertwined with the pseudo-poetic interlude of the oneiric thought harlequins, with a drawing richly in black tones, the edition itself is a specific combination of alternative and mainstream comics, which requires active reading by readers, and their inclusion in terms of drawing conclusions from the story, individually and according to their own views and principles. The circle closes with a gallery of illustrations by our comic authors – Vesna Nichevska, Andrej Manev, Igor Jovcevski, Nikola Temkov and Viktor Lozanov, drawings inspired by the comic itself, which gives an ideal stamp to the whole concept.

Darko Bogdanov was born on 04.04. 1984 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Graduated from the Department of Graphics at the High School of Art “Lazar Lichenoski” in Skopje in 2003, and then also graduated from the Department of Graphics in 2007 at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia,  Bulgaria in the class of Dimo ​​Kolibarov. He has been primarily engaged in drawing comics and illustration since 2000.

Published short comics in many comic magazines in the country and abroad, a regular participant with his comics at almost all Balkan comic festivals. Winner of 5 comic book awards so far, and author of 4 comic book albums – “Modus Vivendi” in 2011, “Dark Humor Silence” together with writer Jordan Kocevski in 2014, “Knights of the Neighborhood” again in collaboration with Jordan Kocevski, through the publisher “Comic Square” from Skopje in 2016, and in collaboration with Aleksandar Stevanov, “Ægri Somnia” at the very end of 2020. In 2018, together with Aleksandar Stevanov and Sasho Gachev, he co-authored the book “Macedonian Comics” in the editions of Novi Sad ‚Dnevnik ‘, dedicated to the Macedonian authors who worked for that Serbian publisher.

In 2008 he worked as a comic book artist for the Bulgarian comic book publisher “IEKK Comics” from Sofia, and in 2009 he worked for the film studio “NU IMAGE” also in Sofia as a storyboard artist for the films “The Expendables” and “Conan”.

He has four solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. Member of the Association of Fine Artists “UM” from Vinica, with which he regularly participates in joint projects and exhibitions. Also for two years in a row he is part of the organization team that organizes the art colony “St. Gjorgji ”which is held at the end of August in the Vinica village of Blatec.

Lives and works in Vinica, Macedonia.

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