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28,000.00 MKD

Sold out!


Title: N°1

Author: Petra Jovanovska

Material: Combined technique on paper / lino cut, embossing, color /

Production: 2020 y.

Price: 28.000 denars (with frame)

Dimensions:  30cm х  40cm



She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

So far she has realized 47 solo exhibitions, (short selection):

2020 – Kurija Gallery, Prigorja Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

2019 – Exhibition Hall, Embassy of the RSM, Paris, France

2018 – Bunsen Goetz Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany

2018 – Luxury Spa Gallery, Karlovy Vary, R. Czech Republic

2017 – MC Gallery, New York, USA

2016 – Prima Center Berlin, Germany

2014 – NGM, Cifte Amam, Skopje

Has participated in over 300 group exhibitions, (short selection):

2020 – Art Capital, Grand Pale, Paris, France

2020 – Winter Salon DLUM, Cifte Amam, Skopje

2019 – Mix Media, Menier Gallery, London, UK

2019 – Artin Lima, Museum Brinkvedo, Pont de Lima, Portugal

2019 – Human Rights #Climate, Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto, Italy

2018 – 17. Winter Salon, NGM – Cifte Amam, Skopje

2017 – Passing of the time, L.U. National

2016 – Museum reflections, Klenova Castle, R. Czech Republic

She has won several awards: Recognition Art Olimia, Tokyo, Japan; Women in the Arts, Orlando, USA; Osten artist, Osten Gallery, Skopje; 1. Award of DLUM “Grand – Prix” at the 14th Winter Salon, Skopje; DLUM Graphic Award, Skopje; Recognition for Small Graphics, Inter-Art Biennale, Romania; 1. Collage Award, Prague, R. Czech Republic.

She was participant in many international art colonies, symposiums, seminars, organizer and curator of art projects, member of DLUM and ICOMOS.

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