Hunter of souls- OLIVER ROMEVSKI

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Title: Hunter of souls

Author: Oliver Romevski

Year of publishing: 1998

Price: 250 denars

Publisher: Ad Verbum

Pages: 376

Language: Macedonian

Info: “Hunter of souls” is the first truly exciting action novel in Macedonian, which in many respects meets the world criteria of this genre. It is read in one breath. Describes a period that takes place not so long ago, and not so far away: it talks about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mystery of the evil that has entered into mankind, which seeks to kill the body and its attributes (life, spirit, will, dignity), is told through those people who allied themselves with the devil in war. Hence the whole book strives to remind us of the meaning of our lives…At the end of the book, despite the large number of victims, the good wins, but with the inability of the protagonist to kill the son of the devil Bastian. So everything remains the same, evil has existed and will exist, the only difference is in the methods of fighting it.


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