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3,000.00 MKD

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Title: STORM

Author: Suzana Bornarova

Material: Acrylic on canvas 

Production: 2021 y.

Price: 3000.00 mkd

Dimensions: 30 cm х 40 cm


Born in 1974 in Skopje. Works as a full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy – University “St. Cyril and Methodius”in Skopje. She originates from a painting family from where she inherits her painting talent, which is why love for painting has been following her from an early age. She experiences painting as freedom … of thoughts, feelings and soul. She is engaged in abstract painting in which bright, contrasting and vibrant colors prevail. Her favorite techniques are working with a painting knife, structural paste and acrylic paints, figurative painting, impasto and pouring. The author always paints intuitively, following her own inspiration, without making previous sketches.

SuzanaBornarova, known by the artistic name BORNA, paints exclusively her own original paintings that are not copies or reproductions of paintings by other authors. This is evidenced by the striking moves and colors of her paintings that are practically inimitable and easily recognizable, which is in fact a value of her paintings in particular, and of abstract art in general. Hence, for each of her paintings it can be freely said to be а unique, or in other wordsthat “there is only one such piece of art”.

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