The hardest thing – OLIVER ROMEVSKI

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Title: The hardest thing

Author: Oliver Romevski

Year of publishing: 2019

Price: 400 denars

Publisher: Ad Verbum

Pages: 357

Language: Macedonian

Info: “… an urban drama with many unexpected life upheavals, a kind of cruel story about love and religion, about evil and betrayal, but also about the unpredictable and often monstrous human trait of inflicting great pain, due to greed and passion. At one point in the text, the author himself says that this is a story about destiny and strawberries, creating a kind of allegorical connection with this delicate fruit, which in an indirect way can be taken as a kind of guide through the narrative flow of the novel. “Strawberries grown near Skopje, in fact, are the basis of this story because everything revolves around them, but quietly and unobtrusively and never in the first place.”

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