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Collection of Kratovo (book one) – NIKOLA RISTEVSKI




Year of publishing: 2018

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Language: Macedonian

Info: Collection for Kratovo – book one is the first collection for Kratovo of this kind that has been published in the Republic of Macedonia. This book contains travelogues, poems, stories, legends and legends, scientific papers, research, parts of books, propaganda articles, newspaper clippings and phototype pages of books in Bulgarian and Serbian that mention Kratovo and its surroundings. I have found most of the presented literature in digital collections and libraries on the Internet, available for widespread use, and I also use some of the books and records from the family library. The book begins with excerpts from the travelogues of Evliya Celebija and Ami Bue, and contains notes by Efrem Karanov, Stevan Simic, Jordan Ivanov, Jovan Cvijic, Pavel Shatev and other authors. Collection of Kratovo – the first book ends with the prophecies of the elders from Kratovo, who also appear in public for the first time as part of a printed edition. The following Collections for Kratovo are already being prepared, containing excerpts from books in English, French and Russian that mention this region, old maps, memories and testimonies, photographs and many other important information about the beautiful Macedonian city of Kratovo and its surroundings .
Thanks to my dear friends Domagoj Nikolic and Stevce Donevski who allowed me to get acquainted with the mystical Kratovo region.


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