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Title: The prince who looked like the little prince

Author: Jordan Gjorcev

Year of publishing: 2020

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Publisher: “International Center for Slavic Education” – Sveti Nikole

Pages: 102

Language: Macedonian

Info:  Through the exciting story of the planet we live on and the possible planets we could live on, it is shown that the pulse of the child in us is the main sensor of truth and lies, of joy and sorrow, of life and death. The main denominator of the exciting story that the author skillfully builds through dialogue is the search for great love and the return of joy in life.

The author’s story in its subtext problematizes the apocalyptic vision as a result of the anomalies of the modern world and the false values on which the consciousness of it is based.

Jordan Gjorcev was born in 1963 in Sveti Nikole.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Skopje, holds a Master’s degree in social psychology in Russia and social and political relations in Bulgaria, and a doctorate from Tambov State University.

From 2000-2005 he worked as mayor of the municipality of Sveti Nikole. In 2005 he founded the private higher education institution – International Slavic University “Mr. Р. Derzhavin ”- Sveti Nikole. Today he works as a director of the Management Board of MSU.

In his free time he is engaged in painting, caricature and writes poetry and prose. He has published several works, including: a collection of caricature “My Way”, a trilingual collection of caricature “My way 2”, an illustrated short work “The Prince who looked like the little prince”, a collection of short stories “After 3000”, collections of poetry published on Macedonian and Russian language: “One, one, one”, “Steps one day lonely” and “The breath of the magic mirror”. He is the author of several professional books in the field of economics.

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