The sound of silence – EVA RISTEVSKA

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Title: The sound of silence

Author: Eva Ristevska

Year of publishing: 2021

Price: 350 denars

Publisher: Datapons, Skopje

Pages: 168

Language: Macedonian

Category: Drama/Mistery/ Romance

Nienburg, September 1960: Post-war Germany, defended by youth movements whose leaders were born in the ruins of the war is the environment in which the young Clara enters the high school for the first time, which will change her life. A girl hiding behind a block of drawings with a charcoal on the bay of the river Zale, who wants to go unnoticed by the outside world, becomes part of an unusual group called Equilibrium, with which she enters the world of political movements in West Germany.|
Throughout the story, the mysteries and shadows that surround Clara reign, the struggle with anxiety and depression that have followed her since Zale took her first victim, and the game of fate leaves her in search of a missing boy who will open a new world filled with mystery, love. deceit, anger and forgetfulness. A story that captivates with its complexity, interwoven with drama and romance, shrouded in mystery with true historical events – all the ingredients needed to create excitement and tension that no reader will leave generous.

The book also has illustrations – drawings drawn by the author.

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